Wow! The 2021-2022 Champions League season starting on June 22, 2021 is drawing to a close! Only one final is left. If it wasn't for the Qatar World Cup coming up, I think I'd be bored for the next few months. I believe that many football fans will have the same idea as me.

    I believe you must know the latest matches and news of the Champions League, as follows:

      ♡ Semifinals·Round 2( 2 rounds in total)

    --Villarreal 2: Liverpool 3

    --Real Madrid 3: Manchester City  1

      ♡ Finals

    --Liverpool & Real Madrid [ May 28]

    But today, I will still collect as much information as possible about the Champions League, it's past and present.

    Champions League

      ❤ Champions League History 

    The Champions League, first held in the 1992-1993 season, is another version of the European Championship. As football's most prestigious club competition, the UEFA Champions League is similar to the FIFA World Cup and has become increasingly popular as a result. The early stage is the group stage, followed by the knockout stage.

    So far, the tournament has been dominated by top European clubs. So far, the winners of the championship and runner-up are not too surprised. But there are indeed a few dark horses that surprise people in the Champions League. For example Porto's victory in 2004; Nantes in 1995-96, almost beating Juventus in the semi-finals (losing the game 3-4 on aggregate); and in 1998-99, if Dynamo Kyiv wins, it will surely be a worldwide sensation.

    Champions and runners-up of the Champions League·TOTAL:

     Champions and runners-up of the Champions League

      ❤ UEFA Champions  League  Format

    1992-1993| the tournament consisted of 8 teams after the qualifying stage. Eight teams compete in two groups, followed by a final between the group winners.

    1994-1995the tournament was expanded to 16 teams (excluding qualifying rounds). The format consists of a group stage, four groups, and then three knockout stages.

    1997-1998| the tournament was expanded to 24 teams (excluding qualifying rounds). A group stage consisting of six groups is followed by a three-stage knockout stage.

    1999-2000| the championship was expanded for the third time - to 32 teams (excluding qualifying). The teams were divided into eight groups, with the first group stage followed by the second stage and finally the knockout stage.

    2014-2015| the second phase of the group was abandoned. Instead, "Round of 16".

    2021-22 Champions League Top 4

    We'll talk about the two teams that made it to the finals later.

      ♡ Liverpool

      ♡ Real Madrid

      ♡ Villarreal

    Villarreal is undoubtedly a dark horse in this Champions League. This team can't even find a famous star, but such a team has eliminated giants such as Juventus and Bayern and entered the semi-finals.

    When the draw for the Champions League quarter-finals was announced, Bayern's chance of winning the title was as high as 4 to 1, but Villarreal was offered a super high odds of 101 to 1. It's clear that almost no one is bullish on this team. Even after the draw was over, some Bayern players expressed disdain that they would prefer to draw a strong team like Real Madrid.

    However, in the first round, Villarreal gave Bayern a dismay. They defeated Bayern 1-0 at home and advanced to the semi-finals. 

    After the game, the Villarreal players celebrated in the locker room, and Lo Celso stood on the cabinet to celebrate. This is the second time in the history of the Villarreal team that they have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the last time being in the 2005-06 season. At that time, after eliminating Rangers and Inter Milan successively, Villarreal coached by Pellegrini advanced to the top 4 of the 2005-06 Champions League. After two rounds of the Champions League semi-finals, they failed to reach the Champions League final.

    This is a team that is hungry for victory and very united, and their play is very varied, making the impossible possible. Although he did not make it to the finals in the end, he still gave people a big surprise.

      ♡ Manchester City

    Although Real Madrid is a veritable "King of the Champions League", before the game, the majority of fans and the media are generally optimistic about Manchester City, and look down on Real Madrid. The reason is simple, in terms of overall strength, Manchester City are stronger. After Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4:3 in the first round, almost all the outside world are optimistic that Manchester City can advance to the Champions League final.

    However, Manchester City once again let its fans down. In the second round of the semi-final, Real Madrid counterattacked and eliminated Manchester City with a total score of 6:5 in the final two rounds. Faced with such an outcome, some people think that Manchester City should be blamed for not being ruthless, being too modest, and not being brave enough at critical moments when Manchester City stopped the Champions League semi-finals for six consecutive seasons.

    "Manchester City needs leaders," Evra said. Looking back on Manchester City's past six Champions League seasons, we will find that as long as Manchester City hit the "life and death" Champions League knockout rounds, it is always easy to make mistakes. And once Manchester City is passive on the field, Manchester City's athletes are even more in poor condition.

    If at this time, a spiritual leader in the Manchester City team raised his arms and shouted, maybe the result of the game would be completely different. It is a pity that although all of Manchester City's athletes have unique skills, they do not possess leadership qualities. Therefore, there has never been a real leader in the Manchester City team. However, not long ago, various news showed that Haaland will transfer to Manchester City, hoping that his arrival will make Manchester City stronger. Of course, the injury to several of City's main players in this game was also a factor in their loss.

    Champion and Runner-up

      ❤ Liverpool 

    Since its inception in 1892, the name of Liverpool Football Club has been synonymous with fame and glory, and even people who don't know football must have heard of this football club. Internationally, Liverpool is the most successful English club of all time, they have won many trophies; they are also one of the most popular football teams in the world, with more than 200 fan clubs around the world.

    In the second leg of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League semi-final, Villarreal faced Liverpool. In this game, Liverpool first fell behind 0-2, Liverpool scored 3 goals, Liverpool reversed Villarreal 3-2 away, Liverpool eliminated Villarreal with a total score of 5-2 and advanced to the Champions League final.


      ❤ Real Madrid

    In the semi-final against Manchester City, Real Madrid needed to score two goals in the last minute. They did, with Rodrygo scoring two goals in 90 seconds to force the game into overtime. In the end, Benzema's penalty helped the Blancos advance. The next thing they have to do is get ready for the final.

    It is conceivable that the next finals will be very exciting.  In 2017 Real Madrid became the first club to win the tournament for two consecutive years (2016-2017). In 2018 Real Madrid became the first club to win the Championship for three consecutive years (2016-2018). Therefore, for Real Madrid fans, whether Real Madrid can win the Champions League for the fourth time is a matter of concern.

    real madrid.jpg

    The two teams with Champions League genes on them have a total of 19 Champions League trophies (Real Madrid 13 times, Liverpool 6 times). These two teams have faced each other before - the 2017-2018 season finals, and in that game, the contest between the two sides was classic in terms of intensity and drama. Salah's injured departure, Bell's barb break, and Karius' two major mistakes were all classic scenes in the history of the Champions League.

    Now that they meet again in the finals, it happens that both sides are in the best condition. Real Madrid won the La Liga championship four rounds ahead of schedule, and in the Champions League, two Premier League giants Chelsea and Manchester City were eliminated in a row; Liverpool won the English League Cup this season, and are still going to the Premier League, the Champions League and the FA Cup. Liverpool's goal is directly at the "Quadruple Champion". In terms of game style, Real Madrid is calm and sophisticated, Liverpool is full of passion, and new and old grudges are counted together, and more exciting sparks will be created. All we can do is wait and see, because no matter what, it's going to be a fantastic event.

    Where can I watch the Champions League final?

      ♡ Europe

    Belgium: Proximus, RTLVTM

    France: Canal+BeINRMC Sport

    Germany:  AmazonDAZN

    Italy: AmazonMediasetSky Italia

    Netherlands: RTL, Ziggo Sport

    Portugal: Eleven, TVI

    Spain: Telefonica

      ♡ Americas

    Brazil: SBTTurner

    United States of America: CBSTUDN Deportes

    Mexico: Turner

      ♡ Asia and Pacific

    Australia: STAN

    Hong Kong SAR: beIn

    Japan: Wowow

    Singapore: beIn
    Taiwan/Chinese Taipei:

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